HYP Candles began when I became pregnant with my daughter Orla in 2014.
I've always loved aromatherapy and the house is usually full of scented candles so, when I became pregnant, I searched hard for products that I felt confident were completely natural and safe for use during pregnancy. As well as this, it was important for me to find a fragrance that I could use when practising my hypnobirthing relaxation and that I could then use during my labour. As I think a lot of pregnant women find, it felt  limited when it came to finding products that I could use with confidence whilst expecting a baby.
Fast forward a few months, Orla had arrived and I decided to train to become a hypnobirthing teacher. I wanted to provide my couples with an aromatherapy candle to complement their practice and then wondered, why would I do this with someone else’s product when I could look at creating my own pregnancy candles? So that's what I did.
At HYP Candles we've worked closely with aromatherapists to ensure that we can provide women with the reassurance that oils in our candles can be used during pregnancy. Time has been spent sourcing natural wax and organic essential oils to make sure that our pregnancy candles are gentle for Mamas and the environment.
So now you'll find me, based in Cheshire, England, splitting my time between being a Mama to Orla and our new arrival Clemmie, teaching the occasional Hypnobirthing class and looking at where HYP Candles could take us next, by supporting Mamas-to-be in the most natural way possible.
I hope you love our products as much as I do.
Becks x